Sunday, 1 November 2009


Today begins a one month calendar countdown to the greatest PJ Party extravaganza that twitter will have ever seen. This is an open invitation to you all to join me on the 1st of December 2009 with your best pj's on to celebrate my birthday and more importantly, raise funds for a fantastic cause.

The Terrence Higgins Trust, , who continue to do a phenomenal amount of work in the field of HIV and Aids, will be the recipients of all monies raised. Please click on the following link to join in with the donating

And just to give you that extra wee incentive to get involved. I would like to extend a MASSIVE thank you to @lovefromrandom, who has most generously donated not just one, not just two, but three amazing gift vouchers that everyone who donates has a chance of winning. If you donate a £1 or £100, everyone has an equal chance of winning either a £25, £15 or £10 voucher to spend in @lovefromrandom's online shop. There is lots of quirky, funky stuff that I know you will all love to be found in there. Go on have a look

Starting today.. we have one month to raise as much money as we can. So please, join in. Start donating today and look out your best PJ's for the party on the 1st December. I look forward to seeing you all there.....

PS You just never know what might get added to the prize draw between today and the 1st december :D :D

Saturday, 17 October 2009

My Wee Mammy!

Last night I was working on the side. As door steward, in a purely voluntary capacity, at my wee mammy's latest charity night in the local bowling club. That's grass bowling not ten pin.

As always, it was themed. Flappers. And my goodness, some of the ladies didn't half go their hum dingers getting all dressed up. They looked fabulous. The place was packed. I believe I must have cut an impressive site all dressed in black, shoulda wore a tie, a la big bouncer style. People were beggin to give me ticket money they had already paid for. Bouncer now noted as an alternative career choice.

And there was ma wee maw, in the shiniest pink and silver flapper outfit kicking up a mean charlston on the dance floor. There were the ladies from the church, ex work mates, friends, family and complete strangers who had just asked if they could come along. You see..this isn't a one off event. It's an annual shindig that my mum has been doing for years now and has garnered a fair wee reputation for being a brilliant night out whilst raising funds for great causes.

Lat night it was The British Heart Foundation. Let me tell you a little bit about why. In february this year my mum was over in Australia staying with my sister. Two days before being due to fly home she had a heart attack. She was rushed to hospital where she underwent much needed surgery. It was almost three months from the point of my mum leaving Scotland till her return home and I saw her again.

Now you would think on returning anyone's focus would be on resting up, taking it easy and just getting better. Well mum had plenty intentions of getting better all right. And what was driving her on? The Moonlight Walk in Edinburgh to raise funds for breast cancer research. A 26 mile hike through the night. The doctors were out for a good while on whether she would get the ok to do it. She faithfully attended her cardio exercise classes three times a week at the hospital and continued to do short walks inbetween. At the very last hour she was given the all clear... and she did it, she completed the entire thing.

I also want you to know why this is a particularly amazing feat. Not only had my mum had the heart attack, she also suffers from severe sciatica and spondalitis and she's 66 years old. She has the highest pain threshold of any human I know.

So there I was last night, standing at the door carrying out my requested role and I found myself just watching my wee mammy. What a powerhouse. There in front of me was a woman who embraces life and who isn't driven by selfish gain but instead to help others. I felt in awe. An amazingly generous woman with her time, her energy, so full of spirit and soul. And I thought to myself... Dear God if I even have an ounce of that instilled in me from my mother I'm the better and luckier person for it.

So here's to a wee woman who has inspired me my whole life and who I know shall always inspire me.

I love you mum

Lynne xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

World Aids Day, 1st December, The Day I was Born!

It's that time of year when my birthday is rapidly approaching. Whilst others are caught up in early Christmas shopping and planning their Christmas dinner seating arrangements I, Well I demand that I get to have my birthday first.

So you may wonder, what age will the gorgeous and witty MrsWahooPooh be this year? 37 if you really wish to know. And you may also be wondering, where is this post leading............

Here's the deal. The older you get, at least the older I get, I find that I'm less inclined to look for the pile of pressies and birthday cards that I would expect each December the 1st when I was younger. Instead, and since whoever made the decision to hijack my particular birthday for World Aids Day, I find myself wondering what can I do to raise some dosh for a worthy national day and cause.

My original thoughts, ( and after much consoltation with Michael Craig), included a twitter pj party that maybe some celebs could send in a signed pair of pj's to auction off. I messaged Chris Moyles, believeing him to be quite flamboyant and out there and got no response. So I then thought..whats the point noone like me is going to pull this off. And then I though of Mandy and Paul and Wendy. 3 lovely folks to follow that arent doing half bad at the raising money for charity thing. Oh! and if you can get Simon Bishop (AKA Bish but I think only Kate is allowed to call him that :D) in a generous frame of mind, well he has to be the singularly most generous sponsor on twitter I have ever seen.

So here is the plan. On the 1st of December everyone will be invited to attend an online twitter pj party. Twitpics and twitvids of everyone in their fave pj's will be most welcome, oxofamilydad, keep it clean :D

I will do my absolute best to get twitter personalities like Mrs Stephen Fry and Raymondstar, DirtyHans and Cristal, and a few more earthly celebs that use twitter to autograph a packet of condoms. If I can pull this off, ( fingers crossed), all you would have to do is make any donation you like to be enetered into a draw to win one of them. If I can't, well I'm sure we can all still come along and have a laugh and a little fun :D

All funds raised will be donated to the Terrence Higgins Trust. You can have a gander about their website at to understand why this is such a worthy cause.

That leaves me to head off and let the Trust know my plans, contact some celebs and encourage everyone who reads this to give feedback, ideas and no doubt the odd hilarious comment.

Please do join in

Lynne xxxxx

Friday, 4 September 2009

It's The 'Twitterati'

My goodness! Look at all you twits...